Mario's Guide to Good Eating on Gozo

Ramla Bay - Il-Kcina Tar-Ramla

The best beef fillet on the entire island in this unassuming beachside cafe.

Mario says, "It's the beef that's good. Get it without sauce. Say hi to Mario the Chef in the Kitchen."

Xlendi Bay - Il Kantra

Take an insider's tip and order the fish ravioli. You won't find it on the menu, but tell them you know Frankie in the kitchen and he'll hook you up.

Mario says, "Hey, give a local delicacy a try. Have the Ftira pizza with tobasco sauce...Mmmmm"

Nadur, Mekren's Bakery

Before heading down to Ramla Bay for an afternoon dip, order a Ftira - a traditional Gozitan dish from this local bakery - only one of two left on the island that still produces it. After lounging in the sun, pick it up on your way back.

Mario says, "I have nothing to say about this bakery. It speaks for itself."

Qala, D Bar

Eat ribs Fred Flintstone style in this charming eatery in the town square.

Mario says, "This place is famous for their ribs...and for good reason. You should probably make a reservation on a Saturday night."

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